7 Food Triggers & Tricks to Battle

Happy Saturday to all,

Today I’ve been thinking about food triggers.  The top 7 would be:

  • Location – Certain chair in your house; going to grocery store hungry; or a place like a movie theatre.
  • Activity – Watching tv, studying, reading, or socializing.
  • People – Friends you normally go out with to happy hour, dinner or partying.
  • Occasions – Birthday parties, weddings, holidays, summer parties.
  • Sensory – Candy display, smell food, taste a bite of a sample at a store or restaurant.
  • Time – Time of day i.e. afternoon snack time.
  • Mood – Anger, sadness, depression, insecurity.


and Top 7 ways to battle triggers:

  • Location – Choose location to eat at home only at dinner table; bring healthy snack to movie theatre.
  • Activity – Don’t eat while watching TV, driving, or working, don’t go to the grocery store hungry.
  • People cues or Occasions – Eat before going out and then less likely to overeat.
  • Sensory – Keep food in kitchen stored away.  Keep children’s snacks separate or buy what you don’t like.  🙂
  • Time – Research and plan meals & snacks ahead of time.  Plenty of healthy, filling snacks.
  • Mood – Think for 90 seconds why and attack that problem.  Whether it’s anger, frustration, boredom.  Food won’t cure it.  Only make the mood turn to guilt most likely.
  • Don’t accept food you didn’t ask for.  You won’t hurt the person’s feelings and you never know exactly what ingredients are in the food  . . . whether it’s healthy or not . . . could have hidden sugar or fat.

Stay peachy my friends!