NET = No Extra Time . . . 10 minutes is all you need


My 10 minutes of fame . . . my photo shoot . . . which was both fun and scary.  lol

Know what else you can do in just 10 minutes?

  • Use your NET (No Extra Time) when life is that busy.
  • 10 minutes is all you need.
  • Check out this How to Stay in Shape Infograph from Precision Nutrition.


Stay peachy my friends!



Another Powerful Ben Coomber Podcast … Kids Nutrition

It makes no difference whether you are a child, teenager or adult. The association with nutrition is often the same or similar in my opinion. The struggle is real. But does it have to be a struggle? I think not.

Ben Coomber’s podcast #186 with Jennifer Bulcock was powerful and it made me think, take notes and type like a mad woman. It struck so many chords with me regarding my own health & fitness journey as a child, teenager and adult.

Ben and Jenn also offered a FREE children’s nutrition video Here and FREE Nutrition for Kids e-book download Here.


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Meet Willow – my 7-foot personality

Happy Tuesday!
Different blog for me today.  I’ve been reading so many wonderful posts, blogs, articles lately and I know I don’t comment much but I LOVE reading them all.
Ya’ll inspire me hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Thanks for sharing! 

What do Starbucks, Cheers, Nutrition and Goldilocks Have in Common?

. . . nothing really except they are all in this Blog.

Hats off to my local Starbucks (next to Stein Mart in the PTC Bubble)! I do my studying and work from there often since it’s a place where I know I’m always welcome and the people are friendly. It’s like the “Cheers” of coffee shops. Where everyone knows your name. For instance this morning I had placed a mobile order as I left my house; walked in; put my stuff in the usually spot; started walking to the counter to get my drink; and before I got around the corner it was hand delivered to me with a good morning & a smile. How awesome is that!


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Ben Coomber Boobs, Group Training & Life Musings; Ideals & Standards

If you have been to the “About” page or the Promo Video on my website …, then you know my story about my journey to become my fittest at 50.  I recently turned 52; am still on that journey; and will continue on the rest of my life.  To me, being strong and healthy is so important in life for so many reasons.

  • Quality of Life
  • Better moods
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Better focus
  • Ability to get around doing every day work free of pain, etc.

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5 Ways to Listen Better . . . Julian Treasure

I was reading an article from a personal training program
that I’m enrolled in.

It was reminding PTs of the importance of listening to clients
and had a link ===>>

of a Ted Talk video. Listening by Sound Expert Julian Treasure
where he gives 5 ways to better listen.
I enjoyed the video since these principles can be applied
in all aspects of life:
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7 Food Triggers & Tricks to Battle

Happy Saturday to all,

Today I’ve been thinking about food triggers.  The top 7 would be:

  • Location – Certain chair in your house; going to grocery store hungry; or a place like a movie theatre.
  • Activity – Watching tv, studying, reading, or socializing.
  • People – Friends you normally go out with to happy hour, dinner or partying.
  • Occasions – Birthday parties, weddings, holidays, summer parties.
  • Sensory – Candy display, smell food, taste a bite of a sample at a store or restaurant.
  • Time – Time of day i.e. afternoon snack time.
  • Mood – Anger, sadness, depression, insecurity.

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