My Cyber Love Tony Robbins – I made it!!

So yesterday started out with a roach crawling down my arm; breaking my breast cancer bracelet from my first BC walk; leaving my phone in the bathroom at Chic-a-fila; and 9 1/2 easy- breezy car ride.
And ended with a night-time trip to a Wal-Mart with a designated “police car” parking space.  Scary!

But I’m here.  I made it.  I’m excited, pumped, jacked, OUTSIDE my comfort zone; living & loving every second of the dream.


At UPW in WPB, FL going to see the man/the legend I have followed since 1999 . . . Tony Robbins.  It’s worth all the teasing:

  • I’ve endured over the years (Valerie Hayes) regarding my obsession with TR
  • From my DH & Euseph Messiah as to how I’m going to behave like a star-struck teenager
  • Texts hoping I’ll come back & not become a roadie (sp?).

Thank goodness for the supporters like my Big Brother Paul Howard & Brittany for setting me up in a nice, safe, clean hotel and my friend & mentor Tanner Baze for watching me dance around Starbucks like a little girl at Christmas on Tuesday morning.

I’m humbled & grateful!

Can’t wait to share the awesome things I learn!!

Stay tuned and stay peachy my friends . . .