Driving 10 hours to see my Cyber Love next month… TONY ROBBINS!

Y’all know I’m a TR nut. I quote him daily; send you quotes; listen to him daily; start my workouts with him talking to me; used him as a relaxation technique during physical therapy years ago; pull out his Personal Power program when I need a lift or a push/shove . . . actually am currently listening to/applying it now . . . and yes fall asleep to videos of his seminars.  Yes I’m crazy I know. But life is too short not to be out-of-control living it to the fullest and with PASSION.

So I bit the bullet; made the commitment; will drive the 10 hours; and spend 3 ½ days at the UPW conference in Florida next month. I will be counting down the days; full of energy and excitement; a little fearful at times for being TOTALLY outside my comfort zone; and I’ll be driving y’all nuts. {Just a hint: I’ll probably be worse after.}

Don’t hate me . . . lol

Happy Valentine’s Day to me! And thanks to the DH (Dear Husband) for putting up with my crazy ways and understanding my cyber love. Ha! (Might be why he’s travelling so much this month.)