Mindset & Coomber Podcast #166 Are You Ready to be Awesome?!


I listened to a Ben Coomber & Rachel Guy Podcast today #166 titled Are You Ready to be Awesome?! (https://youtu.be/FkLOs4_KsNk) Regarding my favorite subject Mindset and the fact that we need to be aware of body types and accept there are only certain things we can change.

It was pointed out that we need to accept the following:

  • That is me as a person.
  • I am who I am.
  • My genetics are my genetics.
  • It is what it is and what makes me a beautiful person in my own right!

I myself have a smaller upper body … face, chest, waist. I’ve managed to build up my shoulders & arms but otherwise I have to be careful because when those are covered, people think I look too thin or sickly and offer to feed my cheeseburgers and fries. I’m not though. I’m healthy and happy and my doctor & trainer are content with my weight and size.

I remember when I was in my 30s and my boys were young. I used to get up at 5:00 a.m. and do VHS videos of Joyce Vedral. Yes, VHS! Joyce was a former body builder and she was 50 and in excellent shape. I remember a few things from those videos but what stuck with me most was that I need to strength train my triceps so that “they don’t wave like a flag” when I lift my arms. And to strength train the shoulders & back to draw attention away from my lower half, which is where I have always carried my weight.

Favorite upper body exercises: upright row, bicep curls, triceps overhead press

My lower half is thick one might say. I have people I know or just people I meet out tell me I have great legs and I’ve had others tell me they are too muscular or manly. I’ve learned to just accept that and not sabotage my journey. My response has become I get my calves from my dad and thighs from Grandpa Noguez.

Favorite lower body exercises: deadlift or squats with heavy weighted bar (well what I would consider heavy).

Some times memories just come back unexpectedly … I recall new people joinging or trying out bootcamp classes. They would tell me that I didn’t need to be in that class because I already looked good. Ha! The reason I looked as I did was because of bootcamp class. And because of CLE . . . continuing learning exercises. There still are times where we are doing new exercises and I have to learn them like everyone else. Or I’m doing an exercise in class, and the trainer makes a tweak to my form and I go “Oh, that’s the muscle I’m supposed to be working.”

Besides, when I first started bootcamp I couldn’t do a plank or a military push-up and I thought I was in good shape. When I did curls or even triceps laying on the bench, I’d have to assist the working arm by using the non-working arm. Everyone has to start somewhere and by accepting little improvements I got stronger. My push-ups aren’t the greatest but at least I can do some military style and in good form without a chicken neck. J

I’ve learned that the classes I take are only as hard as I make them. If I want to stay the same as I am, I do the bare minimum and low weight. If I want a challenge and improvement, I lift heavier and concentrate on the muscle I’m working and my form. I’m guessing by now you know I wouldn’t take less than the latter.

Overall body exercises: burpees, ball slam & squat, KB swings

I stopped trying to look like someone else long ago. I’ll never be a super model … I’m not skinny; I’m not tall … actually going the complete opposite direction since I began to shrink years ago; I have facial scars from severe, adolescent acne, I’m 51, and although I eat healthy & follow the 80/20 rule, I’m not strict by any means. To quote Popeye “I am what I am”. And as said in the podcast, I look like the best version of myself because I am only competing with myself.


Stay peachy my friends!