Stages in Life to Growth & Change . . . Mindset


Stages of Life:

  • Past
  • Present
  • Future

It is your choice to:

  • Stay in the Past
  • Live in the Present
  • Create Your Brilliant Future!

Runners . . . ankle & knee pain? Read On.

What causes some runners to complain of ankle and knee pain . . . poor hip mechanics and weak glutes. One great exercise to help with this . . . the Kettlebell swing. It streghtens the glutes and opens the hip flexors. Read more on some of the benefits of the swing ==>  Strongfirst Post. Read more

Tony Robbins & Emotions . . . Don’t let them define you!

Did you know there are over 200 emotions people could feel? My friend Molly was kind enough to give me a vocabulary list of feelings broken down in the following categories:

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Scared
  • Confused

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Driving 10 hours to see my Cyber Love next month… TONY ROBBINS!

Y’all know I’m a TR nut. I quote him daily; send you quotes; listen to him daily; start my workouts with him talking to me; used him as a relaxation technique during physical therapy years ago; pull out his Personal Power program when I need a lift or a push/shove . . . actually am currently listening to/applying it now . . . and yes fall asleep to videos of his seminars.  Yes I’m crazy I know. But life is too short not to be out-of-control living it to the fullest and with PASSION.

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Mindset & Coomber Podcast #166 Are You Ready to be Awesome?!


I listened to a Ben Coomber & Rachel Guy Podcast today #166 titled Are You Ready to be Awesome?! ( Regarding my favorite subject Mindset and the fact that we need to be aware of body types and accept there are only certain things we can change. Read more

Accountability – The Blame Game

So when I talked about the strategies that have worked for me, I thought I mentioned Accountability. But looking at my previous blog now I didn’t.

If I had I would have said some about being accountable to:

  • my trainer with regards to my food & exercise;
  • or my DH with regards to exercise and food for that matter . . . since when he doesn’t travel he grills us some wonderful chicken or salmon;
  • or my friends who I workout with or share workouts with or share ideas/recipes/inspiration with regards to food & health

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