Fear vs. Desire . . . What will you choose?

So first I received this email from Carrie Campbell because I’m on her email list. Untitled

Then was on her FB page and saw this video which resonated with me and made me tear up. <<here>>

Everyone has fears and most are afraid to share those fears. My fears are what I call “my skeletons in my closet”.

Some I have shared BUT most are things that have only been shared with my DH and my BFF. And as far as Major Goals . . . those that I’m learning not to fear . . . those have only been shared on Paper.

To sleep better, deposit thoughts and unfinished business on a piece paper before going to bed.


Last year was my “learning” year. This year is my “Learning & Growing” year. It’s not only the year that I go outside my box. It’s the year that I jump over my box.


Feel free to join me . . . one step at a time. Moving towards facing and conquering fears by focusing on the opposite . . . and gaining wins and tools for our toolboxes.

Instead of focusing on my fear of memory loss as I age, I will think of my brain as a vault retaining all the good health & fitness information that I’m storing in it for safekeeping . . . and eventually will be able to share.

Stay peachy my friends!