Ctrl-Alt-Delete or in my case Force Quit

I just listened to the Darren Hardy Ctrl-Alt-Delete video. He has an interesting way of explaining old habits and behaviors as coming from:

  • Childhood beliefs
  • Everyone else’s beliefs
  • Adults’ beliefs
  • Friends’ beliefs
  • Loved ones’ beliefs

These beliefs were learned or ingrained in us as children/teenagers; shaped our thinking; and became part of our “software” by which we have lived our lives. We need to short circuit beliefs that are not our own such as fear which could be perceived as a virus in our program. That way we don’t fall back into old habits and behaviors. To do this we use “Ctrl-Alt-Delete” to eliminate the corrupt old habits and behaviors and install new ones that will take us in the direction we desire.


Therefore, the next time we need to interrupt a bad pattern, just think of Ctrl-Alt-Delete or in my house we use Apple products so we would interrupt the pattern with “Force Quit”. Lol


Stay peachy my friends!