The Matrix . . . Red or Blue Pill? Which one would you take?

The first blog I read today was written by one of my BTN coaches, Tom Bainbridge. <<here>> BTN is out of the UK.

So how did I come to take this course? As I mentioned before, I left my job of 9 years in November 2014 because I was no longer challenged or happy. Once I left, I found I could focus much better on life. It was like my mind was clear and open to new possibilities.

People had told me for years that I should consider becoming a Personal Trainer but I quickly dismissed it because I didn’t believe. But then I listened to the Fat2Fit podcast that my DH had been telling me about. On that podcast, they interviewed Ben Coomber <<here>>.  who had the numero uno fitness podcast on iTunes. It was cyber love at first sight as I’ve said before. I couldn’t get enough of his podcasts and videos . . . listened/watched everything I could find. Ben reminded me of my trainer and hillbilly/mentor/boss .

I talked and shadowed an experienced personal trainer and mentor. Went through the ACE program and found that I had a passion for the nutrition side of health & fitness. Therefore, when I heard about the BTN Academy, I signed up for a webinar to get more information. I asked Ben/Tom / Charlotte a few questions about the program and the fact that I live in the U.S and how that would work. The answers had me intrigued and I committed to the program almost instantly. People thought I was crazy but didn’t matter . . . I accepted long ago that I was a little weird and quirky.

Through all my research and learning last year, I’ve come to believe that exercise alone won’t help me (or others) reach their true potential. Nutrition and mindset play a huge part. I’ve always believed mindset plays a huge part in our lives any ways . . . hence my obsession with TR (Tony  Robbins). Just didn’t realize to what extent until last year.

So my passions have become:

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset

And I have been learning, taking courses, and in a mentorship program for all 3.

And that is why I’m glad I decided to take the Red pill and jumped down the rabbit hole. BTN fulfills all 3 of my wants/needs through hands-on interaction, weekly calls, BTN FB page posts, blogs, BTN forum, Ben’s podcasts/videos. The course covers:

  • Primarily Nutrition
  • Personal Training including client interviews, assessments, and programs
  • Through Ben’s podcast there is an added side of Mindset information in addition to nutrition and PT.

One stop shop . . . I’ve got it all!


When you read Tom’s blog and you get to the part about supplements, please don’t come back to me and say . . . “Well heck Jessica you are a Distributor and believe in and take those supplements.” Note: If you have read my bio, I no longer use Advocare products because my bladder cannot tolerate them.  I have certain medical conditions where I need certain vitamins and nutrients that I don’t get from my healthy diet. And my family & friends use them because they work for them. Everyone is unique and has different needs or circumstances.  More information is on my website <<here>>.

Everything in life happens for a reason and a purpose. There’s a reason I finally listened to my DH (Dear Husband – I don’t tend to normally . . . just kidding) and my quest for learning crossed the path of Ben Coomber (<<here>>), and BTN. And as I’ve said many times before, I’m truly grateful that I have found my passion at the young age of 51.

Stay peachy my friends!