Dropped my iPhone in the toilet this morning …

Everyone that knows me knows I’m a klutz.

Yesterday started with me cutting my shin while climbing up on to a chair to write the weekly inspiration on the chalkboard.  Um yeah.

Then while demonstrating ball slams I grabbed the wrong ball; grabbed a bounce ball rather than a sand ball; slammed it as hard as I could and about knocked myself out when it hit the bottom of my jaw; um yeah still sore today but it’s all good.

Joking yesterday that bad luck comes in 3s . . . I completed the cycle by dropping my iPhone in the toilet. It’s at home now in an airtight container full of rice (old wives’ tale or not – worth a try). The good: the water was clean, I can message on my computer to another iPhone, I can email, tweet, post, blog, watch my daily learning videos/podcasts, and get PMs on FB.

As my DH would say, “If that’s the worst thing that happens, you don’t have it that bad.” My DH is a smart man.

So on to the day . . .


Workout: KB swings, push-ups, air squats and foam rolling. Feels good and is important to have a good warm-up and cool down. Foam rolling is an awesome way to end. It’s a love/hate relationship but gets the kinks out and feels so good afterwards. Short video by Ben Coomber on back pain and foam rolling. <<here>> Examples of foam rolling & stretching from Precision Nutrition. <<here>>

24 Day Challenge – Day 4: Doing well and resisted ice cream cake last night. Did I want it, No! Do I feel deprived, No! Would have just eaten it to celebrate my son’s birthday or just because it was there. But what’s the point . . . I helped celebrate his birthday just by being there for a healthy dinner of chicken & veggies and singing & laughing and being goofy as our family always is. That’s what is important. Being happy and healthy and there for my family.

Food planned: Protein shake with fruit, veggies, chia, flax, pumpkin seeds; apple & almond butter; spinach salad with chicken; spinach omelet w/spinach; salmon & zoodles

Learning: Review webinar, notes and research re: Body Type Nutrition Practical Academy (Food Science Misconceptions); catch up on Precision Nutrition, and posts & videos. My year of learning continues and I’m loving it!

Stay peachy my friends!