10 Tips on How to Lose Weight and Reach Your Goals

Some highlights from Ben Coomber podcasts/videos #117 & #118 mixed with my take on them.

Most powerful investment you can make in life is
with your health. That carries into so many aspects
of your life which will in turn make you successful.


Start with the basics:

  • Make an assessment of where you are right now.
    • Take photos
    • Weigh & measure yourself
    • Write down how you feel and/or symptoms
    • Assess stress and create a management strategy
  • Find a powerful reason why you want to change. Your reason not someone else’s i.e. your coach, your partner’s, a family member’s, a friend’s.
  • Pinpoint easiest things to change now. Small changes 1 step at a time to gain momentum; 2 or 3 changes per week.
  • Food journal:
    • Learn what’s in food . . . read labels.
    • If don’t understand food, calorie count.
    • Meet protein requirement (lean or grass fed beef, wild caught salmon, eggs, plain yogurt, cottage cheese)
    • Eat whole, natural 1 ingredient food 60% of time.
      • Spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower
      • Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries
      • Mixed beans, quinoa, whole oats, sweet potatoes
      • Good fats – almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, brazil nuts, avocados

(Superfood examples above from Precision Nutrition)


  • Note how you feel after you eat.
  • Create basic strategy for diet & nutrition plan. Preplan and prepare foods in advance. (Sundays are good days to grill chicken breasts & lean or grass fed beef, and cut up veggies & fruits . . . freeze fruit if needed.)
  • Taking small steps which are right for you:
  • Get better quality sleep. (turn off electronics at least 30 minutes prior, no caffeine after 3:00 p.m., no blue lights in bedroom, cool temperature, take an Epsom salt bath, dark or blackout curtains, ear plugs if noisy, decaf chamomile tea)
  • Find substitutes for sweet tooth – plain yogurt & fruit; pre-workout almond protein bars, recipe on my website
  • Be ready to change / mindset IMPORTANT. Changing for someone else may not last.
  • Create exercise plan . . . “no time” is not an excuse!

Remember slow progress is progress. But if you insist on quicker progress, be honest and write down what you are doing and adjust. Change those weak areas and be stricter with diet. BUT always nourish your body with healthy food. Do NOT starve your body.

  • Review food journal:
    • Meet basic protein requirement.
    • Whole, natural 1 ingredient food 80-90%of the time.
  • Make bigger steps that are right for you.
  • Review and improve diet, nutrition & exercise plans.

Consistency and flexibility are key to success.

Stay peachy my friends!