I was introduced to Darren Hardy a couple weeks ago and he’s been added to the list of people I’m following on this healthy & fitness journey. Don’t worry TR Tony Robbins is still my favorite and I continue to watch and rewatch videos weekly and still get my morning warm-ups started with track 2 (Move and Breathe) & 3 (Get Grateful & Visualize) of TR’s Hour of Power. It gets my mind right and gets me on track to create a great day.

Darren Hardy’s mentor was Jim Rohn. Tony Robbins worked for Jim Rohn as a youngster. Get the connection . . . similarities in their teachings.

Since finding TR in 1999, I’ve been a strong believer in learning about (1) State of Mind (2) Perspective (3) Limiting Beliefs and (4) Mindset. All goes hand-in-hand in my opinion. It’s really nice to see so many “experts” teaching it. I enjoy all their different “perspectives”.

Experts say that most New Year’s resolutions will be broken by January 15th. Good thing I started back on my health & fitness journey in 2015. I may have stumbled but it’s about habit changing not being perfect.

  • One step at a time.
  • One habit at a time.
  • Lifestyle changes.
  • Nothing too radical.
  • Only lifestyle changes that we will continue with . . .
    not depriving ourselves or adding undue stresses.
  • Only compete against ourselves.

My resolutions are to continue as in 2015 on my health & fitness journey and learning regarding personal training, nutrition, and mindset. However, I did like what Darren Hardy wrote in his blog and I did write it on my Health & Fitness Journey dry erase board.

This year is my turning point.
From this moment forward, I am taking consistent action to change my life.
Starting right now, life will never be the same.”

Whatever you decide, make a plan to start. Find a support program. Pick one habit to work on and improve. Make 2016 your year on your health & fitness journey!

Stay peachy my friends!