Fear vs. Desire . . . What will you choose?

So first I received this email from Carrie Campbell because I’m on her email list. Untitled

Then was on her FB page and saw this video which resonated with me and made me tear up. <<here>> Read more

Ctrl-Alt-Delete or in my case Force Quit

I just listened to the Darren Hardy Ctrl-Alt-Delete video. He has an interesting way of explaining old habits and behaviors as coming from:

  • Childhood beliefs
  • Everyone else’s beliefs
  • Adults’ beliefs
  • Friends’ beliefs
  • Loved ones’ beliefs

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The Matrix . . . Red or Blue Pill? Which one would you take?

The first blog I read today was written by one of my BTN coaches, Tom Bainbridge. <<here>> BTN is out of the UK.

So how did I come to take this course? As I mentioned before, I left my job of 9 years in November 2014 because I was no longer challenged or happy. Once I left, I found I could focus much better on life. It was like my mind was clear and open to new possibilities. Read more

Dropped my iPhone in the toilet this morning …

Everyone that knows me knows I’m a klutz.

Yesterday started with me cutting my shin while climbing up on to a chair to write the weekly inspiration on the chalkboard.  Um yeah.

Then while demonstrating ball slams I grabbed the wrong ball; grabbed a bounce ball rather than a sand ball; slammed it as hard as I could and about knocked myself out when it hit the bottom of my jaw; um yeah still sore today but it’s all good.

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Happy B-Day to my inspiration . . . Chris!

Today my youngest son turns 22.


Chris is an amazing young man and one of my biggest inspirations! He has motivation and drive like no one I know and never gives up when he puts his mind to a task. He’s a big part of the reason I can confidently go outside my comfort box and why I have found & am pursuing my passion at the early age of 51. Read more

10 Tips on How to Lose Weight and Reach Your Goals

Some highlights from Ben Coomber podcasts/videos #117 & #118 mixed with my take on them.

Most powerful investment you can make in life is
with your health. That carries into so many aspects
of your life which will in turn make you successful.


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6 Strategies for New Years … my two cents from Darren Hardy, Tony Robbins, Drew Brees

I was introduced to Darren Hardy a couple weeks ago and he’s been added to the list of people I’m following on this healthy & fitness journey. Don’t worry TR Tony Robbins is still my favorite and I continue to watch and rewatch videos weekly and still get my morning warm-ups started with track 2 […]