Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce . . . 7 very powerful tools!


What a great podcast for New Year’s Eve! Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce on MMA, Fat Loss & Optimal Performance.  (Podcast 170)

In my opinion, it’s a no bullshit approach to health, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. Below are the takeaways for me . . .

So many experts say the following:

  • Everyone knows what to eat to be fit and be healthy.
  • Everyone knows how many times they should exercise per week (at least 3).
  • Everyone knows to get adequate sleep (for performance and nutrition choices).

So why don’t they move? Simple answer . . . motivation!

So why do they abuse their bodies . . . motivation!

Why don’t they set a single goal a day . . . motivation to make it a priority … this includes quality family time.

Why don’t they find a way to monitor stress . . . motivation! (Stress management keeps us in harmony.)

Accountability & Motivation are key.

We create reasons in our own mind as excuses that hold us back from:

  • being more successful
  • from being healthier
  • from being more fit
  • from being successful

What is stopping ME from achieving the ultimate success . . . simply ME!

This is powerful stuff!

I’ve started journaling at night. Must make the time in the morning to journal.  Instead of making the bed or putting away the dishes or straightening up before the gym, I will take 10 minutes to jot a few things down.

I will:

  • Buck up, get out of bed, and write down daily goals.
  • Move forward and be accountable.
  • Nothing external is stopping or pushing me.
  • Make decision . . . on or off; yes or no; no gray area; forward towards goals or backwards away from goals. Therefore ON, YES and FORWARD I go.
  • Make decision and take one step closer to being more successful.
  • STOP making decisions of self-sabotage.

Great podcast.

Stay peachy my friend!