5 tips from Ben Coomber/BTN Blog – How to Enjoy the Festive Season Without Breaking Your Diet

I wished I had seen this Body Type Nutrition blog earlier but would I have followed the tips. Maybe . . . maybe not. No matter.

This is day two after Christmas and day two of my cleanse. Why did I start earlier than the 24 Day Challenge? Because I wanted to “get off the heavy sugar” and feel better.  (Note:  My views have changed and my body no longer allows me to do a cleanse.)

Besides there are tips in this blog I can still follow . . .

For instance, #2 meals/parties – There are always parties. In fact in my family we celebrate our Anniversary and all birthdays in the first quarter. Cake or not? I’ll practice the mindset to enjoy every bite . . . not inhale it or go back for more.

There are always delicious healthy choices for meals. Grilled salmon and veggies my number one favorite meal and preferred over a burger and chips . . . either at home or at a restaurant.

#3 Exercise – Check. Focus on quality not quantity and continue to take 1-2 days off a week. I love to workout. Just need to be sure my sleep is adequate so that I have the energy to pull from. (That’ll also help in making good choices for #2 above.)

santa working out

#4 Mindfulness – Will be easy to do since we don’t keep high fat/calorie sweets in our house unless the boys are home. And, I buy what they like vs. what we (I) like. It’s about getting and keeping my mind right.

#5 Overall Calorie Intake/Fasting – Focus on calorie intake and pre-plan meals/snacks. Be consistent with food journal or MyFitnessPal app. Not cause I’m crazy strict but because it’s easier to remember the healthy snacks in between the meals if I journal them. My goal is to get rid of the headaches from the sugar highs and lessen the bloating from food intolerances such as dairy and keeping gluten in check.

I don’t believe in fasting. I’ve done it in the past and only causes me to binge and eat more since my body/mind feels deprived.

#6 Don’t let Christmas Run into January – Check, Check. Herbal Cleanse day 2 and I’m focused on my goals and outcomes. The new year is around the corner but it’s just another day. 2016 will be much like 2015 . . . continuing on my journey to health & fitness as I continue learning and growing.

Stay peachy my friends!


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