Sunday Abs with the DH (Dear Husband)

Early Sunday mornings we like to head to the studio to get in some extra ab work. We have a lot of fun and really push each other. The only time it’s a bad idea is if we have heavy abs in class the next morning.


Here is our workout, . . . one time through 20 reps each or 15 per side.

Warm-up: (see video)
Medicine ball Twist with partner
Sit-up medicine ball pass with partner

Bicycle crunch
Big ball hand/leg pass
Side planks touch under
Overhead leg raise w/KB
Side plank w/medicine ball side lift
Upper crunch w/KB
Side crunch
Hip thrusters
Oblique heavy outside
Sprinter sit-ups
Oblique inside w/KB overhead
Pike on big ball
Big ball rollout
Crunch on big ball
Side bends on ball
Sit-up on big ball
Thumb Crunch
V sit-ups
Crossover scissor kicks
Flutter kicks
Reverse crunch pull downs w/TRX
Medicine ball slam
Criss-cross mountain climbers