Crossing Over to the Dark Side – – The Things Clients Say to Trainers

This morning I knew I was accepted as their trainer when I heard those sweet words “Screw you Jessica!” after a tough workout. It took a minute before I realized what the client had said because her tone was matter-of-fact … It was like music to my ears. Lol

I have crossed over to the dark side. I have arrived … well not really I still have so much to learn but still I saw Snoopy in my head doing a happy dance.


I started thinking of all the things I have said to my trainers over the years … being serious and in jest. I actually told my trainer yesterday that we have a voodoo doll of him that we stick pins in.

I found the attached video. I have actually said some of the stuff in the video or heard other clients say it to the trainers. It gave me a good laugh so I’m sharing here . . .

Stay peachy my friends!