Accountability and The Blame Game . . . Brian Grasso

So when I talked about the strategies that have worked for me, I thought I mentioned Accountability. But looking at my previous blog now, I didn’t.

If I had I would have said some about being accountable to:

  • my trainer with regards to my food & exercise;
  • or my DH with regards to exercise and food for that matter . . . since when he doesn’t travel he grills us some wonderful veggies or soups from scratch;
  • or my friends who I workout with or share workouts with or share ideas/recipes/inspiration with regards to food & health

I have a great support group with my WG family and others in my life and on social media.


However, today I listened to a video by Brian Grasso where he gives the greatest secret he can give on Mindset. He defines Accountability in a different way. Playing the blame game. I cannot count the number of times I’m guilty of that. Greatest change would be to take accountability for my world, myself, my actions, and that will change my Mindset forever. Wow! Great video. Gives me a different perspective (not that the other is wrong) but it makes sense. So I’m adding that strategy in my life.

View this video here:

Stay peachy my friends!


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