Day 2 after the Thanksgiving Holiday – 5 strategies I go back to for coming off the sugar rush

Okay. Ever had one of those days where your mind is all over the place? That would be today.

Sat down to read and everything I started just wasn’t clicking so I read partial articles and moved on to the next and repeat. Problem being I will need to go back to those articles because they are must reads or audios regarding nutrition.IMG_9338

I did finally get through a couple articles on mindset. Walked the dogs earlier than usual. I had a snack. I made me a cup of Wonder-Full Woman tea in my Central Perk mug. (“Fix me a cup of tea, fix me a cup of tea, pour a lil’ lemon in it . . . you want sugar? . . . no no sugar just lemon, baby what time is it?” Sorry Eddie Murphy’s Delirious flash back)


Finally sat down focused . . . Why am I all over the place today because it is day 2 of eating healthy after a Holiday. Day 2 is always a challenge for me. Kind of like day 2 after an intense workout, I feel muscle soreness.  Well not the same at all but any ways . . .

So day 2 . . . I’ve eaten enough yummy food today so that’s not the problem. I’ve learned that starving myself as I’ve done for years only sets me up for failure on the yo-yo roller coaster.

So I decided to sit down and make a list of strategies of what has worked for me.

  • To journal or not to journal . . . that is the question. It seems like that is number 1 in most the nutrition and/or mindset articles I’ve read lately. I know that’s number 1 on my trainer JG’s list. And it does help me for several reasons. Not because I want to be strict or control ever facet of my life but because if I’m writing down what I eat then I’m making better choices. I’m not depriving myself because I enjoy healthy food. I just get lazy and grab for convenience. Also, it was recommended to write down how you feel 2-3 hours after.  Helps me learn when I overindulge I feel bloated and guilty. Because heck, why eat until I’m satisfied? Just because I’ll feel better, have better focus, am not tired, and look better. Writing down how I feel is a great tip to help drive home me making a good choice and why.


  • Pre-planning is another big one. I read an article today from Precision Nutrition and I got two things out of that. (1) call me crazy but I never thought of whisking extra eggs when making my spinach omelet and saving those for the next day or next two days. (2) cutting veggies for a salad for the next day while cutting for the day; and using a jar instead of a plastic bag and prepare the salad the night before.
  • I read an article by Tanner Baze called The Special Day, Happiness, and Cheat Days. I could relate to so much in that article and liked the strategy “Plan to fail. Planning to fail causes a subtle mindset shift that still allows you to remain in control of the entire situation. When you’re free spirit you’re no longer in control. You’ve relinquished the reins, and are entering a perpetual cycle of trying to make up for what you’ve done while “not missing out” on anything.” I actually thought of staying pretty close to my healthy eating this Holiday but of course managed to eat until satisfied at the meal but the pecan pie and whipped cream was a different story. Yeah, I should have planned to fail or not planned at all because once I overindulged on the pie I figured might as well not worry until Friday, which became Saturday, Monday, Tuesday. At least I had the good sense to workout and not sit hone and throw a pity party for myself. In the past I would be unhealthy for a week but I’m back on track.
  • Sleep is important. I too make bad choices when I don’t sleep as well. And I don’t sleep as well when I make unhealthy sugar choices. I constantly wake up every hour or 2, which meant bad sleep the entire Holiday. So this week I’ve been in bed by 9 and pretty much sleep through the night, which gives me 7 hours of sleep.
  • Water. Water.   First to off-set the coffee I drink and second to stay hydrated. In a Ben Coomber podcast he mentioned a rock of pink Himalayan salt in the water bottle to create electrolyte balance. For me, the water doesn’t hit my bladder so hard and I’m not going to the bathroom constantly. It really works for me and gives me something to do while reading or researching so I’m not grabbing for food I don’t want.

There’s more I can list but I’ll stop there. Those are my personal top ones that help me.

Sorry for the rambling but I warned you I was all over the place today.

Stay peachy my friends!


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