Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce . . . 7 very powerful tools!


What a great podcast for New Year’s Eve! Ben Coomber interviews Mike Dolce on MMA, Fat Loss & Optimal Performance.  (Podcast 170)

In my opinion, it’s a no bullshit approach to health, nutrition, mindset, and lifestyle. Below are the takeaways for me . . . Read more

5 tips from Ben Coomber/BTN Blog – How to Enjoy the Festive Season Without Breaking Your Diet

I wished I had seen this Body Type Nutrition blog earlier but would I have followed the tips. Maybe . . . maybe not. No matter.

This is day two after Christmas and day two of my cleanse. Why did I start earlier than the 24 Day Challenge? Because I wanted to “get off the heavy sugar” and feel better.  (Note:  My views have changed and my body no longer allows me to do a cleanse.) Read more

Santa (Arnold Schwarzenegger) back at North Pole – Get Back on Track With Cleanse & Healthy Eating

santa jingle all the waysanta jingle all the waysanta jingle all the way

Now is a good time to “Jump In” with the 24 Day Challenge.  Read more

Promo video is up on my website . . . please view and share my website

Before . . . 138 lbs, 5’1″, size 12 BeforePic1

After . . . 120 lbs, size 4, 18% BF        JessicaPics-3

Website here . . .  Hover over the picture in the bottom right corner of the home page and click “click to view”. Read more

Sunday Abs with the DH (Dear Husband)

Early Sunday mornings we like to head to the studio to get in some extra ab work. We have a lot of fun and really push each other. The only time it’s a bad idea is if we have heavy abs in class the next morning.


Here is our workout, Read more

Crossing Over to the Dark Side – – The Things Clients Say to Trainers

This morning I knew I was accepted as their trainer when I heard those sweet words “Screw you Jessica!” after a tough workout. It took a minute before I realized what the client had said because her tone was matter-of-fact … It was like music to my ears. Lol Read more

Accountability and The Blame Game . . . Brian Grasso

So when I talked about the strategies that have worked for me, I thought I mentioned Accountability. But looking at my previous blog now, I didn’t.

If I had I would have said some about being accountable to:

  • my trainer with regards to my food & exercise;
  • or my DH with regards to exercise and food for that matter . . . since when he doesn’t travel he grills us some wonderful veggies or soups from scratch;
  • or my friends who I workout with or share workouts with or share ideas/recipes/inspiration with regards to food & health

I have a great support group with my WG family and others in my life and on social media.


Read more

Day 2 after the Thanksgiving Holiday – 5 strategies I go back to for coming off the sugar rush

Okay. Ever had one of those days where your mind is all over the place? That would be today.

Sat down to read and everything I started just wasn’t clicking so I read partial articles and moved on to the next and repeat. Problem being I will need to go back to those articles because they are must reads or audios regarding nutrition.IMG_9338 Read more