Get the Edge on Mindset with TR . . . Tony Robbins


Every couple years I listen to Tony Robbin’s Get The Edge series. I decided to do that yesterday.

The homework for Personal Power Day 1 was to choose two actions & take action on them. My actions are:

  • Start journal
  • Cut out sweets (bouncing back from the Holiday sweets)

Tomorrow I start working on them. First, I need to work on my mindset and my focus. Good thing I watched a Ben Coomber video today where he Interviewed Jason Ferruggia here . . .

In that interview they talk about the power of mindset, sleep, and reducing stress by using an 80/20 rule. Since I’m starting a journal, it will be easy to evaluate myself for a week and then cut down on what’s not important. For me, this is a perfect exercise for my health & fitness journey.

Stay peachy my friends!