Thanksgiving Blessings From the Bubble


This Holiday I have so much to be thankful for …  my health, my life, a roof over our heads, my mind, my ability to learn, but mostly my family & my friends and  to love and be loved …

I’m grateful and blessed for my family and being able to spend time with them over the Holiday.  Sad we cannot go to Florida to be with the rest of the family but we will be able to spend time together here just a smaller stay at home gathering.

Grateful for what God has blessed me with . . . challenges and all.

Grateful for the Serenity Prayer.

Grateful for the busy year and the strength to keep up with it.

Grateful for the paths crossed and the new inspirations on my journey to health & fitness. I have learned so much this year!

Grateful for the advances made on my mindset and body image.

Grateful for my new and continuing role models.

Grateful for reconnecting with friends.

Grateful & blessed on this Thanksgiving Holiday and every day.


Stay peachy my friends.


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