From Tears of Misery to Tears of Joy . . . my journey with Tony Robbins & Ben Coomber


Definitely me a year ago.  Closing that door has opened so many new ones and I’m excited at how many changes I’ve made and continue to make.

I find it ironic that when I was so depressed, anxious, and frustrated; crying every day; and moving further and further into my own work world … I could not break free from the comfort that was my work life.  But when I walked out that door, it was like a burden was lifted and I could think clearly.  No more tears … only smiles.  No more frustration … only calmness.  My mind was free and my thinking was clearer which lead me to living again.  I found my true passion for what I was meant to do with my life.

I love personal training.  I love learning about nutrition.  I love learning more about mindset and how that effects everything.  I knew some from listening to TR (Tony Robbins’ audio books and videos);  from my trainer; and listening to Ben Coomber podcasts with Rachel Guy and the many guests.  But I never really fully connected or grasped to what extent.  And I never really grasped how much we are all are alike on this health and fitness journey.  At first I thought it was just us women with our negative thoughts and beliefs of how things should be and how skewed our ideas of the perfect body image was.  But there are also men out there with the same issues.


I had hit my goal of being my fittest at 50 but had moved away from that.  Not physically but mentally.  So I set out to make 2015 my learning year and so it has been.  But I’m not even close to the end of my journey.  Every day I learn something new and it’s fun, passionate, silly, challenging, loving, rewarding … and I have so many supportive family members and friends.  I am truly blessed and grateful.

After nutrition certification, my plan is to move on to mindset although I’m already gobbling up all the information & research I can find on that.  pun intended

Stay peachy my friends!

Your friend & coach, Jessica
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