David Avocado Wolfe has some inspirational postcards…


This postcards could apply to most anyone you meet or who is in your life.  Doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you are intimate with or see naked.

How well do you know someone you may see on a daily basis.  Maybe at the gym, the coffee shop, at a restaurant you frequent, at work, or neighborhood?  Do you stop to find out how they are or do you just focus on the small talk since you are in a hurry to get on with your life?

You could be missing so much by not truly talking to people.  Put something behind your normal greeting of “Hello, how are you?”  Listen for the answer; engage; and genuinely care about their response.  As I said before you may be surprised at what you find out; what you learn; you could make their day; you could make your day; you could have more in common than you know.  After all people have many hidden talents, don’t they?  You may share a memory of a location seen, a song you love, a movie favorite, childhood adventures  . . .  it’s a small world, isn’t it?

On my health & fitness journey, I’m learning to live outside my box and engage.  I’ve been a shy person all my life and confrontation and the unknown used to scare me.  But lately I’ve been putting myself out there and I like it!  I’m growing happier and healthier mind, body & soul.  Crossing paths with new and interesting people and actually engaging in a real conversation and enjoying it.  That has brought great people into my world, into my life, and has taught me many things about how to always strive to be better.    Don’t be perfect . . . Just be better!


Now off to the studio to get my cardio on.  Intervals for 30-45 minutes, including warm-up & cool down.  

  • Slow jog 2 minutes
  • 30 secs all out; 30 secs recovery
  • 45 secs all out; 45 secs recovery
  • 60 secs all out; 60 secs recovery
  • 90 secs all out; 90 secs recovery
  • 2 mins all out; 2 mins recovery
  • Back down the ladder
  • Finishing with 2-5 slow jog or walk

My favorite interval workout.  Gets it done!

Stay peachy my friends!


Your friend & coach, Jessica
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