My man TR (Tony Robbins) once told a story . . .

[I’m pharaphasing]  About a guy (I’ll call him Billy Bob Joe) on a train who was aggravated when several children were yelling, jumping, being rowdy while their father just sat there; stared into space; and did not try to control them.  Billy Bob Joe finally said to the father “hey why don’t you do something about your children?”  The father shook his head dazed and replied “Oh sorry.  They don’t know how to act right now.  Um . . . You see their mother just died and we just came from her funeral.”  Billy Bob Joe felt terrible because he had no clue what the underlying circumstances were.
Every since I heard this story I try to give people an extra benefit of doubt because I don’t know the underlying circumstances.  They could be sad, depressed or acting out because something is going wrong in their life and they don’t know how to deal with it.

Think about this next time this happens to you.  Even if you don’t know the person.  Try not to judge.  Don’t attach a negative meaning to it.
Merely smile and say hello or acknowledge their presence.  You never know how something so simple can brighten a person’s day.  If they choose to respond then great.  If not, move on.


Just food for thought.

Stay peachy my friends!


Your friend & coach, Jessica
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