Started my morning with Ben Coomber and a random picture I took which resembles the Starbucks red cup controversy …



Random thoughts . . . on Monday I was sitting at my usual office (Starbucks) listening to a Ben Coomber seminar video and I took this picture never realizing that there would be such a controversy over the SB red (solo) cup.  lol

I am back at Starbucks this morning re-listening to the video seminar and came back to finish this blog.  As I opened it I noticed this picture.  It looks like a Christmas tree on my screen and really it isn’t.  I did NOT purposely set this up but it struck me as ironic.  So many people are tired of hearing about the controversy.  There are worse things in the world.  SB does so much already for our veterans, for the hungry, supporting students’ education, etc.  Everyone has an opinion,  Everyone has a stance.  If it’s not harming someone permanently . . . just let it be . . . that is my opinion.

Further explanation on the slide . . . it is from the Ben Coomber video seminar I was listening to . . . How Nutrition Can Help Boost Performance.  This particular slide is titled “My favorite diet, just real food”.  The picture is of real food and the slide lists some examples.  i.e.  meat, veg, fruit, nuts, seeds, some dairy, starch in moderation in relation to activity
. . . drink clean fluids, DON’T STRESS!

Some good points/ideas I got from this video seminar are . . .

Don’t attach a diet word to the way you eat.  i.e. Paleo, if it meets your macro diet, etc.

“Live life to the full, enjoy food, don’t stress, sleep lots, exercise intelligently, enjoy cooking, embrace the change!”

Optimal diet is very high in fruit & veggies which contain vitamins, minerals… this I know and live daily.

I have thyroid issues and I’m not on a low carb diet but good points in the video seminar … A low carb diet can be problematic because it can deregulate thyroid function.  Thyroid controls metabolism so as soon as metabolism drops it’s harder and harder to lose weight.  This becomes a problem with females who have done the yo-yo diet thing for a long period of time … I would be one of those females.

Eat high protein for satiety to feel full.

If you eat too little, you will get tired, slow, lethargic, have poor performance, not as much brain power because your body has less to use.  Body won’t have “enough in the tank to function”.

Commitment, Health, Flexibility:

  • 100/o – Optimal yet not idealistic for most
  • 90/10 – High performance people
  • 80/20 – Good results with flexibility – idealistic
  • 70/30 – Lower well-being / health
  • Anything less than 70% needs work


Healthy food isn’t boring IF:

  • have an awesome spice rack
  • have fridge fully loaded
  • have back-ups in cupboard
  • have back-ups in freezer
  • you learn new ways of doing things
  • not afraid to experiment, be BOLD
  • you learn how to marinade

Diet must fit your lifestyle, not other way around!

Exercise Nutrition/ Nutrient Timing – Carbs . . . To experiment use a food journal and write down how you feel after the workout.  Figure out how you felt based on what you ate before and after a workout.  Practice and play around with it before the event.

Essential supplements:

  • Vitamin D if you don’t get enough sun
  • Fish oil if you do’t eat enough fish (3 grams per day)
  • Magnesium & Zinc if you train hard

I follow Ben Coomber’s podcasts, videos, took the Body Type Nutrition Foundation & Practical Academies.  I’m a huge fan of his work and BC & BTN are part of my daily nutrition learning on my health & fitness journey.


Stay peachy my friends.


Your friend & Coach, Jessica
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