Monday, November 2nd in Vegas . . . my walkabout . . . and some Precision Nutrition information on what to eat and how to exercise when sick


My health and fitness journey can take me to some strange places.  On day two in Vegas, I wanted to go to Whole Foods to get some healthy snacks.

I’d been there by car several times last year so I knew where it was.  I checked Mapquest to see how far it was to walk.  3.1 miles.  Okay no big deal.  I dressed warmly and started on my way.  It was only in the 50s when I left.  Well it kept get warmer and I peeled off the top layer but had a very warm long sleeved sweater underneath.  Bad choice.

A few hotels and stores to the right of my hotel but then pretty much nothing except the cars speeding past.  I saw a sign that said “come back and see us” and a line of people waiting to take their picture in front of the sign.  That was because the other side said “Welcome to Las Vegas”.  So day two I had already left Las Vegas.  lol

About that time the sidewalk ran out and to the right was only desert so I quickly texted my DH saying you might have to come and identify my body (complete with pictures of the road, the Vegas sign, and the desert full of trash, holes and things I didn’t care to look too closely at).

But I made it.  Got the essentials and took a taxi back to the hotel.

During the walkabout, I listened to Precision Nutrition podcasts with regards to what to eat and how to exercise when sick.  Why did I choose those?  Well because my son came home sick last weekend with a bad cold which I was trying really hard not to get.    So maybe I shouldn’t have taken a walkabout surrounded by the desert on a hot day wearing inappropriate clothing but at least I was smart enough to bring water and stay hydrated.


Photo credit:  Bick Benedict

All ended well and I had good company with the podcasts.  I had to review them again upon return (plus the ones I didn’t finish or get to because my mind tends to wander) but all in all I got some good information from them.  I’ve added them to the end of the blog in case you are interested.

Take care and stay peachy my friends.
Your friend & Coach, Jess Beardsell
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