Sunday, November 1st . . . my flight to Vegas


What did I do on my flight to Vegas.  The same thing I do every day… learn!

As my learning year continues, I caught up on my emails; various articles videos from Girls Gone Strong and Precision Nutrition; and Body Type Nutrition webinars and notes.  What did I learn… that I have so much to learn.  At 51 I’m learning everything I can on health, fitness & nutrition and loving every minute of it.

Ironic how when you find your passion it’s not a job.  It’s hard work and challenging.  Yes indeed it is!  But it’s enjoyable and time flies by and you wonder how you got everything done before.  lol

But beyond the practical learning I’m going outside my box with regards to me and my personality, and my insecurities.  I’m a shy person until you get to know me and then you won’t believe that I’m a shy and insecure person.  Apparently as I believe I’ve mentioned before I may be 5-1-1/4 but I have a 7 foot personality which I will call JJ.  JJ because when I was younger I was loud and persistent.  Therefore mi Abuelo called my JJ is the English translation.  Try as we might my parents and I have not been able to find the Spanish spelling.  We know how to say it though.


So somewhere I read or heard to go outside of your box every day and compliment people you don’t know.  I’ve done this before but not to the extent that I do now.  Try it and see the reactions.  Just tell someone you like their shirt, or their nail polish or just smile and say good morning or hello, how are you?  You might just brighten their day and get a response back or better yet . . . a return smile.  Or maybe they will be nicer to the next person.

I just remembered the morning before my flight.  My DH (Dear Husband) was driving me to the airport and we stopped at SB so I could get a coffee.  He pulled the car up and as I got in he was smiling.  I asked what he was smiling about.  He said that he watched me as I smiled and said hello to a girl walking into SB who he assumed was a Barista.  He thought there’s my wife who probably knows all the baristas by name and is addressing them and making them smile like if they are best friends.  That was bonus points.  I made two people smile by going outside my box just once.

Just something to try.  You never know what could happen.

Have a great day and stay peachy my friends!


Your friend & coach, Jessica
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