Get the Edge on Mindset with TR . . . Tony Robbins


Every couple years I listen to Tony Robbin’s Get The Edge series. I decided to do that yesterday.

The homework for Personal Power Day 1 was to choose two actions & take action on them. Read more

Thanksgiving Blessings From the Bubble


This Holiday I have so much to be thankful for …  my health, my life, a roof over our heads, my mind, my ability to learn, but mostly my family & my friends and  to love and be loved …

I’m grateful and blessed for Read more

From Tears of Misery to Tears of Joy . . . my journey with Tony Robbins & Ben Coomber


Definitely me a year ago.  Closing that door has opened so many new ones and I’m excited at how many changes I’ve made and continue to make.

I find it ironic that when I was so depressed, anxious, and frustrated; crying every day; and moving further and further into my own work world … I could not break free from the comfort that was my work life.  But when I walked out that door, it was like a burden was lifted and I could think clearly.  No more tears … only smiles.  No more frustration … only calmness.  My mind was free and my thinking was clearer which lead me to living again.  I found my true passion for what I was meant to do with my life. Read more

David Avocado Wolfe has some inspirational postcards…


This postcards could apply to most anyone you meet or who is in your life.  Doesn’t necessarily have to be someone you are intimate with or see naked.

How well do you know someone you may see on a daily basis.  Maybe at the gym, the coffee shop, at a restaurant you frequent, at work, or neighborhood?  Do you stop to find out how they are or do you just focus on the small talk since you are in a hurry to get on with your life? Read more

My man TR (Tony Robbins) once told a story . . .

[I’m pharaphasing]  About a guy (I’ll call him Billy Bob Joe) on a train who was aggravated when several children were yelling, jumping, being rowdy while their father just sat there; stared into space; and did not try to control them.  Billy Bob Joe finally said to the father “hey why don’t you do something about your children?”  The father shook his head dazed and replied “Oh sorry.  They don’t know how to act right now.  Um . . . You see their mother just died and we just came from her funeral.”  Billy Bob Joe felt terrible because he had no clue what the underlying circumstances were. Read more

Started my morning with Ben Coomber and a random picture I took which resembles the Starbucks red cup controversy …



Random thoughts . . . on Monday I was sitting at my usual office (Starbucks) listening to a Ben Coomber seminar video and I took this picture never realizing that there would be such a controversy over the SB red (solo) cup.  lol Read more

Monday, November 2nd in Vegas . . . my walkabout . . . and some Precision Nutrition information on what to eat and how to exercise when sick


My health and fitness journey can take me to some strange places.  On day two in Vegas, I wanted to go to Whole Foods to get some healthy snacks.

I’d been there by car several times last year so I knew where it was.  I checked Mapquest to see how far it was to walk.  3.1 miles.  Okay no big deal.  I dressed warmly and started on my way.  It was only in the 50s when I left.  Well it kept get warmer and I peeled off the top layer but had a very warm long sleeved sweater underneath.  Bad choice. Read more

Sunday, November 1st . . . my flight to Vegas


What did I do on my flight to Vegas.  The same thing I do every day… learn!

As my learning year continues, I caught up on my emails; various articles videos from Girls Gone Strong and Precision Nutrition; and Body Type Nutrition webinars and notes.  What did I learn… that I have so much to learn.  At 51 I’m learning everything I can on health, fitness & nutrition and loving every minute of it. Read more