Happy trails to a great man… WJ Garner

I say “happy trails” because one of the last conversations we had he told me he was just a country boy and liked Westerns.

He was a special man. One of greatest I have crossed paths with and he will be missed by many but never forgotten!


He is now an angel walking by God’s side.  At peace without the excruciating pain.  Looking down on everyone and smiling . . . and I know what he would say to me right now.  Don’t cry Ms. Jessica . . . smile and laugh . . . cause that was WJ.  Never caring too much about himself.  Always bringing joy to others with a smile, a how are you today and a casual joke to make me laugh.

He was many things to many people but to me he was a reminder that no matter what life throws at you, drive through it, stay positive and make others around you feel special and comfortable.  That’s a true gentleman!

Happy trails my friend!  I will never forget you!!  Heck every time I see a baseball cap it reminds me of your love for them.  WJ loved hats.  Any time I would get a new hat shipment, first place I would go was to WJ.  His smile was priceless when I’d show up and he was so appreciative to receive a new hat.  I often wondered what his hat stash looked liked.  Lisa probably had to make him get rid of some occasionally.

My prayers go out to his wife, Lisa Garner . . . wonderful, caring woman who also always had a smile and a kind word to say when we worked together . . . and to all WJ’s family and friends . . .

RIP my friend!